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The Jetsons is a TV show about some generic middle-class family living in a generic middle-class home, in the middle-class future. It's as if we didn't have enough shows about families. The fact that it's in the future makes it a little more interesting, what with flying cars and buildings fifty thousand feet in the air.

edit The Jetsons Universe

The setting in The Jetsons seems highly advanced, and it is very likely that it takes place in the future. It bears striking similarities to The Flintstones. All the tedious jobs are done by robots with semmingly human intellegence. In fact, It seems highly improbable that the people in the show are not unhealthy or obese, since any physical exertion is at a minimum. The primary language seems to be english, yet it would be a slim chance that the english language would have remained the same as now. The technology is also very far fetched. There is no reson that buildings would be on narrow pedastels High in the stratosphere. The possibility of someone falling off is very likely.

edit Characters

edit George Jetson

George Jetson is the main protagonist in the series. Originally part of the Jedi Council, he retired and went to persue a career in making sprockets. Wait— What the hell are sprockets? anyways, he is married to Jane Jetson, and he also has 2 kids and a dog.

edit Jane Jetson

She is the wife of main protagonist, George, and the mother of aformentioned 2 kids and a dog. She is unemployed. She used to be a circus elephant, however, folowing a nasty kangaroo accident, she settled down and vowed never to work again.

edit Judy Jetson

The daughter of George and Jane, Judy jetson had a troubled childhood. She constantly steals money from her father in front of his nose at the beginning of every episode, which she uses to buy alcohol, which resulted in her hair turning prematurely white, for some reason. She too, is unemployed.

edit Elroy Jetson

The youngest adopted child of the Jetsons family, Elroy is gifted whith extrodinary retardedness, and has an unusual relationship with Asstro, the dog. His existance is pointless, and I wonder why there is even this section about him.

edit Asstrow

Astro is really Scooby-Doo in an unconvincing disguise, particularily because he begins every word with "R"


  • "Ret's Ro, Reorge!"
  • "Ruh-Roh!"

edit Other Characters

edit Mr. Spacely

Mr. Spacely is the hyperactive employer of George Jetson, and has a tendancy to fire anybody whom he doesnt like. He is, in fact, Bugs Bunny.

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