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“I don't know why but I want to bang it...”
~ Oscar Wilde on Amy Rose
“Yeah, she was my lesbian lover for a while, a few fan fics, some yuri hentai... but then she had to go all family friendly
~ Rouge the Bat on Amy Rose

Amy is a well known as a somewhat agressive Sonic fangirl.

Amy Rose is well known as Sonic's number one stalker fangirl. She has a voodoo doll of him which she sticks Nine Inch Nails into whenever he looks at any other girl and starts sucking it off when he looks at her. She attacks anything blue and/or vaguely hedgehog shaped with the hope of bringing it to the ground and raping it. Thus has been the fate of many a promotional cardboard cutout.


Amy was voted as having the second sexiest smile, beaten only the Cheshire Cat.

edit Recruitment

She was found by Yuji Naka shortly after Sonic was recruited for the original Sonic game, where there was much male anal penetration.

Sonic and Amy

Sonic on a date with Amy.

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