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“God created him and saw that he was good. And there was much rejoicing.”
~ The Bible somewhere around the middle on myself
“The best albino friend I've had in at least a year”
~ a friend on myself

edit Early Life, Later Life, and Death

Because I only have so long to talk and remain within your attention span, I suggest instead that you read my autobiography, Why It's Bad to be Different: A Story of Success.

edit My Articles

Here are the few articles that I have contributed to this irresistibly witty wiki. Read them and allow yourself a half-hearted chuckle or two in the process:

Child Obesity, UnNews: User:Thatblondguy/Ben Stiller Dresses Up in Blue and Makes Me Giggle, Van Gogh's Missing Ear,

edit Contact Me

Falling in love with me? No? Simply want to tell me how much you hate me? E-mail me at (I will block you if you stalk me or send me e-mails about how you're in my house and sign them with spooky names that you saw in Scream.) Feel like chatting over coffee anytime soon?

edit See Also

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