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The Uncomic is similar to stuff like the 3 word story and the 1 word story, but with pictures. This makes it far superior.


  • Only post 1 image at a time. You cannot post two of your own images in a row.
  • They can be photoshopped or drawn with MS paint, no one really cares as long as we can understand whats going on.
  • If you're really bored, you can improve an existing image. Just don't change too mch.
  • Nothing sexual. I've seen this allowed before, and it gets out of hand and not funny really fast.
  • Images should be about 300x300.
  • If nobody posts for 3 days you are allowed to counter your own picture.


Far2 away Broke Ankle BobSaget GHG

Chapter 1

Uncomic1 MarioandronaldN1400614872 30077026 9649 Zombieslothuncomic Bluespears 17-216 Pinkos Idk2 PikaMon(UncyclopediaEntry I-dont-care Walrus2ClubbingBillcosbyzi6

Chapter 2

Badboy Blackbiatch Confucius1 Fat Pep Mrpatel Spongebob-0001 Crazygerman

...and now for a commercial break!

diebold_ad_stalin.jpg Penguin1BurgessMeredith

Chapter 4

Docbrownpc Bauer2 Exploding head123 Carpet bombing IncomingBaby Vlargeboom BadassEinstein

Chapter 5

March XX United Republic of America Soviet Britain Map 1 Soviet russia disco club blue-q-large.jpg Commie scum

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