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edit Shredder

Paper Shredder

A paper shredder concealing Shredder within.

In the stillness and the dark, before time even began, there was a violent little sprite called Shredder. After aeons of struggle, using arcane magics, Willow Rosenberg trapped Shredder inside all the paper shredders in the world, harnessing its terrible violence for a more productive purpose. However, Shredder got bored of slashing up paper, so Rosenberg instead trapped Shredder inside the chess program of the same name.

edit Chess Shredder


Shredder crouching in the darkness.

Shredder has won a number of computer chess tournaments since its inception. The majority of these victories were the result of extreme violence perpetrated against not only the other programs and the hardware upon which they were running but also their human operators.

Year Title
1996 Micro Computer World Champion
1999 Micro Computer World Champion
2000 Micro Computer World Champion
2001 Micro Computer World Champion Single CPU
2002 Blitz World Champion
2003 Blitz World Champion
2004 Blitz World Champion
2005 Blitz World Champion
2007 Blitz World Champion
2010 Chess Software World Champion

edit Platforms

Shredder works on oil platforms.

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