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Hello everyone. Oh it's just you <insert name here>. well since your here I err... guess I had better tell you about me. I write articles and that stuff on this website, you know the one your on, at the moment, anyway i am required to tell you that some of the most ingenious and awe inspiring written are availiable for you reading pleasure in these links.

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This user created Hentai, an article originally requested on Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles. Good for them us!
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edit Articles I have wrote

Halo: This is my article, I started it without an account.

The three legged barstool: Usually writers would talk about the awards they have won but I am a special writer and therefore too skilled at writing to recieve an award.

Hentai Yay I wrote a requested article!!! where's my prize

edit Articles i am working on

There were no writers availiable at the time of their request and so I was told that I had the honour of filling these articles with comedic content.

Listed in order of nearest to completion at the top

User:ThaBritMan/Hentai (--Pending Review--)

User:ThaBritMan/Career Choices

User:ThaBritMan/Back Garden Olympics

User:ThaBritMan/Diving Techniques

edit Articles I enjoyed


Fox News


These I found funny obviously these articles were written by people of the same calibre as me.

edit Ideas to write

Feel free to use them but inform me on my talk page.

“I'm not lazy i just haven't started yet”
~ Me on my ideas
“You are lazy, you're just too afraid to admit it”
~ Snowstorm97 on my ideas

HowTo:Train your dragon.

Corner shops

Ice cream vans


Why?: Oh Why Oh Why?

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