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Curryaniy is a religion practiced by followers of Tim Curry. Followeres of Currianity are called "Curries", "Tim-Tim-ians", but are most usually called "Strange middle aged men who wear fishnets" by critics. The religion was origionaly started in 1952 and named Timanetics, or Curryology but critics claimed that it was too new of a religion to be taken seriously. So Tim Curry did what anybody would do. he hijacked a time machine and established his religion 365 million years ago. The first Currians were alligators. the rest of the dinosaurs were Jews, Christians, and muslims wich is why they all suffered such a horrible fate.

edit Tim Curry The Prophet

Many people worship Tim Curry. Most people just worship his legs. Tim Curry was born a 45 year old man. As you can definatly imagine this was very dificult for his mother, because she found him very attractive. after finnishing High school He went to ITT TECH for Prophetic Studies and got his Prophet degree, passing his walking on water exam with fling colors. He began writing songs for the beatles but soon focused his energy on good things. He founded the League of Extrordinary Justiceness with tennis partners Lord Xenu, and Jesus Christ. Togeather They willed into the existance of a mortal after life known to manny educated theologians as "That Shiney Cloudy Place". To get thier religion off the ground Jesus and his old high school metal band: Crucify This! made countless flyers with sculls and stappeled them all over town. After a falling out with Jesus and xenu over wich glow sticks looked better in the lobby Xenu and Jesus left the league of extrordiary Justiceness to sell clay pots, and finger paintings at the local art show.

edit The Religion

Most Curries caught wind of Tim Curry while wathing his captivating dramas, like Muppets Treasure Island. And observed his trademarked unblinking stare and frighting laugh. The laugh itself wasn't frightening but most viewers were frightened to find massive erections when hearing it for the first time. Unknown to most movie buffs Tim curry starred in every movie of all time. In his most discrasfull movies he would usualy hide behind Ron Jeramey. In 1968 Tim Curry quit one of his favorite past-times, writing songs for the beatles, causeing their disabandonment. But he quit with a higher goal to save humanity. Most Curries recuit new members by screaming "CURRY!" into a strangers left ear. Screaming into the right ear is rude.

edit Core Beliefs

Currians Hold Many beliefs to be true

  • Its inpolite to watch a Tim Curry film without lotion and tissues.
  • Tomatoes are worthless in a duell

edit The Curry Bible

Smelly Uncle press released the Curry Bible in paper back last february but because most Tim Curry fans cant read, it was made into a coloring book.

edit contraversy

The Church of Curryanty does not have any critics about any wrong dooings including violence, mostly because critics are regularly beaten with full grown chickens.

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