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“Tetris is such a sweeet game!”
~ Stephen Hawking on Tetris11

[[Image:|frame|right|Tetris11 - after the race change.]] Tetris11 aka (Dude) was grown from two peas in a pod. Not real peas, or actually any real pods, but simply a combination of the right amount semen within the right vagina. Fun image, right?


This was before the deathstar incident.


Professional ninja by day, professional sleeper at night. And dude, he's a good sleeper


The phrase 'Tet-ris-E-Lev-en' comes from the old norse god tongue some (9000 years) time ago. The meaning of the phrase translates as follows:

  • 'Tet' translates roughly as 'gathering', or 'group'.
  • 'ris' means 'activity','nightly duty', or just 'sex'.
  • 'E' as in 'for', or 'with'.
  • 'Lev' for 'beauty', or 'grace', or 'purity', or (to be blunt) 'virgin'.
  • and 'en' which means 'female', or 'fairer', 'girls', or 'babes'.


  • The Matrix (1999) - as that guy who got his cellphone jacked by Neo. Douche.
  • Pandorum (2009) - as one of the guys in the pods.
  • Terminator (1984) - as one of the cops in that building where everyone got their shit handed to them.
  • Avatar (2009) - as one of the army dudes in the raptor that didn't abandon their own army.
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