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edit Testicles: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

This is the epic story of the man named Testicles. One day there was a guy who was bored. Really bored. He found Uncyclopedia and started editing stuff without really knowing what he was doing, and was banned many times. He battled cyclopses and destroyed legions of Spartan soldiers. He even had to fight Cunnilingus, the ancient god of banning people, to survive Uncyclopedia. Eventually he got really bored and decided to carve his own niche in Uncyclopedia as Testicles rather than being an anonymous figure who occasionally tried to piss people off.

edit Conquest of Mexico

In 150 BC, Testicles sailed from his mysterious homeland to Mexico. He decided to take over so he could take all the hot Mexican chicks as his sex slaves. However, he discovered that violently conquering Mexico was unnecessary, as he was so ruggedly handsome that the Mexican women wanted to bang him as soon as he stepped off his boat.

edit Stuff written by Testicles while he was an anonymous and enigmatic stranger

Lots of stupid edits, an instruction on how to get your article featured, and an article on huffing Raid (not to be confused with huffing kittens). Now that these articles have been brought to your attention, I'm sure they will be speedily deleted.

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