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“ Who am I? Where am I? What is this red round thing? Do I eat it? What is this thing between my legs? What is that thing between her legs? Do I stick the thing between my legs into the thing between her legs?”
~ Adam on many different things.
“Where am I? Is this London? I need to get to London. No, why would I want a strawberry? I'm trying to get to London.”
~ Some Guy on what was most probably drugs
Popular Belief

"Aliens made me do it!"

Sexy Strawberry

"You know you want me..."

edit Gibberish I Call It

Ahhhhhh! Random images and quotes! What shall I do... they have invaded the page that is meant to represent me on this site... I'll blame the aliens, yes! They made me do it! But then the underpants gnomes might figure out it wasn't the aliens, and might sue me for infringing on something or other. Dam law suits, can't get sued again, else I'll be poorer... I already owe $3.50 to the dykes on the Islands of Lesbos...

Fine! I give up!

Wait... you're just some random person looking at my page. Gah! You scared the shit out of my. Dam you! Well anyway, let me introduce myself, I'm Taydus. I like strawberries and long walks on the beach, followed by 12 hours computer gaming, and a sandwich.

What? You want $3.50? OMFG!!! IT'S THE LOCKNESS MONSTER!!!!

/run away

edit My Work

Strawberry - This is an article I wrote after seeing that there was no mention of this glorious fruit on this site before. It has since been edited a few times, but I still watch over it to make sure no one takes it to far or makes it unfunny. I have had to do that a few times... as some people just don't understand humor...

Jesus theory - This article was thought up and written in one night when I was drunk. Specifically, during a very dull New Year overseas. I ended up writing it up and putting it up all in one night. The vodka helped me insanity. This article has since been vandalized at least once, by some person who thinks I went too far, but hey, it's funny! I mean, if you are going to believe in something like virgin birth, then you really deserve to have your faith mocked!

Popular Belief - A side article to Jesus Theory about the world's foremost Jesustologist, and the person behind the phrase: "contrary to Popular Belief". Most of the articles that have that phrase in it now link to this article, or at least did.

edit Under Construction

The Student - A proper laugh at the university student. An old article was once here, but it was bad, and has thankfully been deleted, but instead the page now links to High School Student, which is not a very good article anyway, and in general isn't what is thought of as a student.


The Cross Cock, now in white! For all you racist fucks! The power of Jesus in your hand! Plus its bigger too!

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