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“Let's make it Quick, I have not much Time left!”
~ Creator of Quicktime


The QuickTime logo - made by aplles himself

QuickTime is a movie player multimedia framework developed by apples.

The killer feature of QuickTime is its ability to playback movies, audio and interactive panoramic images quicker than other players do. It is currently available for the Mac OS X, Linux and Winblows operating systems. The current version is 7.* (which means that it can play content 7x quicker than any other player on the market)

edit Overview

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to Tauntz/Quicktime.

The QuickTime technology consists of the following:

  1. The QuickTime TimeShifter© technology, which slides media through the 4th dimension to speed up playback.
  2. The QuickTime TimeDecoder©, which decodes hours into minutes, minutes into seconds and seconds to nothing.
  3. The QuickTime Quickie (.quickie) format, a format especially designed for quick quickies.

QuickTime accomplishes these amazing tasks by quickly taking advantage of todays multi core CPUs. Every core of the CPU can render different parts of the movie independently so the movie can play quicker. The QuickTime package comes with several enhancements and helper applications like BonziBUDDY, Cydoor and iTunes. It is also used as the operating system in Euroipods.

edit Features

The QuickTime framework provides the following:

  1. Transcoding video and audio from one format to another - that means it is possible to quickly convert the mp3s you downloaded bought into HD-music videos.
  2. Upgrading amateur porno family movies to blockbusters.
  3. Transposing audio and video files. Don't like the funny ending of The Matrix? Don't worry, you can quickly transpose it to a western movie! (Or even better - you can Transcode/Transpose it to a five minute long hip-hop performance featuring people from different cultures and bling).
  4. Re-timing media files - you don't wanna watch Lord of the Things all day long.. do you? Thanks to the re-timing feature it's now possible to watch the whole saga in just 42 minutes!

edit Supported media

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