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Br mel gibson This user is Jewish, and probably caused all the wars in the world, ever.

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The Greeeat Depression was a time of breakfast related devastation for the entire world, where North America accounts for the entire world.


edit Likely Causes


The spontaneous and collective crash of every breakfast cereal related company ever, even the pre-existant or no longer existant ones, may have played a role in the worldwide shortage of breakfast foods high in fibre, sugar, sugar, sugar, fortified vitamins, sugar, fiber and sugar, although many would rather blame Bush, FEMA and Osama Bin Laden, regardless of the fact that the Depression took place before either person(s) were born and before FEMA was initiated.

edit Lazy fucking hens

The fact that the godamn colored hens affected our nice, clean white hens with their inate brown-ness and overall inferiority was believed to be the only cause of the Greeeat Depression, in fact, it had to be. Fucking chocolate faces. With their chocolate feces. Taking all out jobs.

edit PABE

The organization Pigs Against Being Eaten was the lead contributor to the lack of bacon and pork related foodstuffs, namely bacon and pork.

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