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edit What the hell does Tamsco mean?

We really aren't sure as the "person" beleived to goi by this alais hasn't been reported in public for at least 12 years. Here are the current leading theories:

  • TAMSCO = Tianamen Aggressive Manipulation Script Coding Organization. He is an advanced artifical intelligence developed at the the lesser MIT's CSAIL when they got tired of trying to make C-shaped sails to use on the muddy charles.
  • Tams Corporation. The believers of this theory have no reason why Tamsco would be a company but point out that the last two latters of the word are co.

These are the only two theories because only two people know he exists and they can't agree on what he is. They would also like to note that anyone should feel free to edit this page as they probably know more about Tamsco than the two jackasses with theories or Tamsco himself do..

edit Anything Else?

[A Crappy Webpage]

TAMSCO aquired by ESSI and then DRS was Technical and Management Services Corporation

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