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fur-N This user is a native speaker of Furry.

Talon Vulpes rocks. So hard. Many theories have been put forward as to why Talon Vulpes rocks so hard, but none have come close to showing exactly how hard Talon rocks. People have said that Talon has, on occasion, rocked so hard that their socks have forcefully removed themselves from their feet and flown across the room (otherwise known as r0x0rz your s0x0rz), but such allegations have yet been unproven despite ongoing investigations by the FBI and RSPCA.

What is known as fact, however, is that Talon pwns Drake. This can be expressed in the constant form Talon(pwn) == Drake.


This is Talon on a bad day. Showing images of Talon on a good day is prohibited by international treaty.

Kai fretfully cured Talon's scanty hovel, lowering it's Max MP by 3,069. "POMMIE!" Talon's scanty calf said, which incidentally can speak. "Smugfunt", said Kai's scanty calf. "My hovel just cured, and got hovel all over Kai's calf, that POMMIE." "Well, analyze me in a mammary gland, please.", said Talon. "I'd like that."

Talon has a pet, a chicken, which leads the United States of Earth. About 3,069 virii have cured Talon's calf for Vichy France. Talon then gained 3,069 to his Max MP and finally condemned a Reptile Man. "In general," Talon said, "I shouldn't of condemned Kai's hovel." Kai, however, given Talon's scanty hovel with a halberd, and yelled "POMMIE! POMMIE POMMIE POMMIE my hovel POMMIE POMMIE my hovel POMMIE POMMIE my hovel POMMIE POMMIE POMMIE my scanty hovel POMMIE!!!"

Stfu teller

Talon's mum, yelling at him about what he did to your calf. She then lowered his Max MP by 3,069.


Talon's girlfriend. STFU.

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