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Hey this is only my user page, so dont get all retarded at it, kay? ^-^ Hey this is ROAECBATS (Root of all evil concerning being a total spaz) welcoming you to my user page, they shouldnt delete these, You know? Sometimes I ask myself... Why?! Why?... must the acorn fly over the spagetti just so it can lick the vacumcleaner?

My response:

Its not very productive...

Well neither am I, so Lolz-er-ness-icity RoflTahkenbueargahr, wow, long words sure do make you look intelegent, did i tell you guys i have ADHD? well guess what... I do, so be prepared for my randomness, I wonder why the world must frown upon violent video games? ROAECBATS 22:57, 21 December 2006 (UTC)

(please list your name in here if you do)(IF YOU ARE A USER~)

These are all the people that believe in the tails doll:


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