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edit Humble Beginnings

A young boy wakes up after a long night of sleep.

Oh boy, another beautiful day to be alive! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are sing-inG HOLY FUCK WHY AM I IN A TREE! When did my house turn into a hollowed out tree! What, WHAT is this? How does something like this happen? I'm getting the hell down this tree.

He climbs down and lands on solid ground. He turns around to see an entire village of people living in hollowed out trees.

This place is pretty crazy, I better go ask someone whats going on. Hmm...well who would be a good one to ask. Oh! There's a guy! What's he doing to that rock? Hey hello sir uhh, I uhh...

"To lift rocks, press the B button. From there, you can walk with it by pressing up (^). To set it down, press your B button. It can be tough work, but you might find stuff under them."

Now what the hell is that? Well that's great, but how do I...

"To lift rocks, press the B button. From there, you can walk with it by pressing up (^). To set it down, press your B button. It can be tough work, but you might find stuff under them."

What's going on here? Why isn't aren't you paying attention to what I am saying?...Wait a sec...everything I think I am saying is just inner monologue! I can't talk! AHHHHHHHHHH!

The guy with the rock stops and looks at him strangely.

Oh, I guess I can scream though...Oh, here is a guy running. Hey, sir can you help...

"I love running with my fairy, you should get a fairy. But only certain people have fairies."

Why do I even try talking? Well here is an actual normal building, maybe something of interest will be in here.

He walks into a blacksmith's home. There is a really old blacksmith pounding on a sword. When the door shuts the man looks up, smiles, and looks back down at his work.

Hey can I get some help, I really have no idea...

"You know I have always been proud of you my boy. Ever since you started walking I couldn't stop talking about you. I never want to see you leave...But you need to expereince this world for yourself, which is why I have a favor to ask of you. Please deliver this sword to the King in Hyrule. He ordered it exactly the way it is, and it is very important that it gets there."

Who the hell is this guy?

"It's been said, that goodbyes are never truely goodbyes, if you make a promise to see the person again, which is why I give you this."

The old man stacks a steel shield on top of the sword in your arms.

"It's a promise to reunite. To reunite the bond, and string family together, because that is what life is truely about...I love you my boy...thank you for this."

It's not like I have much of a choice. And WHAT THE?!?!

The boy jumps in shock as the shield and sword disappeared from his hands and reappeared on his back, perfectly positioned.

What the hell is that? Well I better get out of here before I'm forced to do more crap.

"Oh yes my boy, and don't forget..."

Damnit he's talking again.

" can unequip your items and access other items by pressing the start (START) button, and pressing the R (R) and L (L) buttons to switch screens on the menu. That is all..."

What is with all of these random buttons?

edit A Journey Begins

Alright, well I guess I have no choice. The old man did seem to be speaking from the heart and I would hate to disappoint him. Besides, maybe the king will no what is going on around here. This here looks as good as any. La la la la la la lee dee doo dee laydee. Oh here is the trail out of the forest. I'm almost out....OH MY GOD! THAT TREE HAS A HEAD!...wait a second, why isn't he hallowed out too make a one bedroom and no bathroom apartment?

"I am the Great Deku Tree. I watch over these forests in protection and prosperity of the forest people. But lately, the air has thickened. The sky of doom is upon us. Your journey is just beginning. You will meet new friends, face your worst fears, and conquer daunting tasks."

A small ball of light with wings flies out from behind the tree. Running away from a boar.

Oh no! That boar seems to be coming for me, I better bash him with my sword!

He bashes the boar and it falls, and suddenly explodes into smoke. The fairy, shaking with fear, comes down to meet the boy.

"Oh wow, thanks! I thought I was done for! What's your name?...Link?"

...My names not Link! I didn't even say Link! I didn't even say something that sounds like Link! I didn't say anything! I can't say anything!

"That's a strong name. Well my name is Navi, I am glad to have met you. Hey do you mind if we travel together for a while? I am lost and have no idea where to go."

Well you are a bit painful to look at, and your wings make an annoying buzzing sounds but...

"Great, we will be a good team."

Well, alright, I am not here for long. Let's just get out of this forest.

The boy and fairy wander out of the forest and onto the vast grasslands of Hyrule field.

Well there is the castle, way off in the distance. I may as well start walking.

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