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Johnny Test

Yup, they're doin' it in the butt. Just like you!

Johnny Test is a cool, X-TREME, gangsta show that PWNS 4 reelz. This show is currently shown on the Johnny Test & Six other Shows Repeated Endlessly Network. The network executives love it! It bears absolutely no resemblance to Jimmy Neutron. What....whatever would give you that idea? The...the show's about GIRLS who are smart. In Jimmy Neutron, the boy is smart! It's, uh , it's totally different! (That was close....)


Johnny Test is the show about a super-extreme pre-teen that likes to play video games and go skateboarding, just like you! He has a talking dog, and genius sisters that use him like a lab rat! Isn't that cool and wicked and awesome and sweet and filled to the brim with buzzwords that I'm dumping down your ass? Johnny Test lives in the town of Porkbelly, because anything with Pork in the name is funny!

All of the episodes are just poorly done parodies where they haven't even seen the original.

Ignore that. let's learn about the phat characters.(That's phat with a PH. There's no difference, you know.)

Characters of this Hideously Thought of Show

Johnny Test

The main character is named Johnny Test. You know?! Because he's used to test out inventions?!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! In one episode, his sisters turned him into a giant booger, because boogers are funny! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This resulted in him raping Dukey to death. Because of this, Rick Astley is set to play Dukey in the next season. This is the 57th time another person has been called in to play Dukey due to the last actor's suicide.


HA HA! Dukey! Like Dookie! That's extremly gay! Anyway, Dukey is brown. HA HA! Dookie! Brown! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, Dukey is Johnny's faggot parody of goddard from jimmy neutron. In one episode, Dukey ate the mailman, because that's what dogs do. Just like you! ! Isn't that phat (With a PH, there's no difference, you know) and stoopid (With an OO, there's no difference ,you don't not not know) and popin' phresh (With a PH, kids don't understand this stuff because they can't read) and all those other hip words? He was sent to Hell for the rest of eternity.

Susan and Mary Test

Susan and Mary are super genius women, because girls can do anything that they set their minds to! Just like you! They are constantly crushing on the cute guy, named Gil. Just like you! They are constantly coming up with nutty schemes to attract him, those crazy kids! Just like you! In one episode, they just give up and have an old fashioned rape orgy with Gil. Just like you! Luigi joined in, but left upon finding out that there were women there. They scare him. Just like you! their really fucking hot in some circumstances, but they can really make u cum in seconds while jackin off, in which we know u do. but hteir super fuckin hot as fuck 277423%20-%20Johnny_Test%20Mary_Test%20Susan_Test%20Zone.jpg hentai-Johnny-test-9-be74fb3.jpg Johnny-Test-223.jpg Johnny-Test-158.jpg

Hugh Test

A stay-at-home dad who loves to spend time with his kids.

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Micheal Jackson?

Mr. White and Mr. Black

Two FBI agents who are ripoffs of agent K and J, from Men in Black. Just like you! Despite being elite government agents, they can't do anything worth crap, without the frequent help of the Tests. This show is super duper racist, because the white guy is named Mr. Black, and the black guy is named Mr. White.


Bling-Bling Boy

The spoiled obese wigger brat JUST LIKE YOU! Well... actually that one is true. You suck queer.

Is the cousin of Andy Milonakis who's called that because he has, that's right... you guessed it... BLING BLING fo 'SHO... Nigga! If you call him by his real name Eugene, he'll kill you and your whole family while you're sleeping. Just like you!


Hates seeing other kids having fun, because he was locked in his room as a child and violated by his father Wacko Sr. every day. As revenge, he makes toys bent on creating bloody child massacres.

Brain Freezer

Mr. Freeze's illegitimate teenage son. Whenever Johnny meets him, he tells him to chill out and, be cool. GET IT? GET IT? HAHAHAHA!

Bee Keeper

You'd better beehave around him, or he'll sting you in the beehind, with his bees. Man, these writers are brilliant, sharp, and hilarious. Remember, we saved these writers from starving from the writer's six month strike, just so they could continue entertaining the world with such brilliant and sharp comedic timing..

Blast Ketchup

Blatantly obvious parody of Ash Ketchem, who uses Pokemon bootlegs called Tinymon. Mistakes everyone else as Tinymon, just like you!

The Faggot Theme Song

Listen to the Theme Song here.

The network executives, who hadn't learned their lesson from Poochie, decided that the show's rating problems were a result of the show not being extreme enough. So they made the theme song even more extreme!

Listen to the extreme Theme Song here.

Then they made it a fucking MILLION TIMES MORE X-TREME WITH THAT!!!

Listen to the mind rapingly awesome theme song here.

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