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First sighted in the sub-basement of a revival cinema in Spanish Harlem (a small island off the coast of Harlem Island where they specialise in market research for cancerous products geared towards the young), this furry rascal is a natural cross-breed of the north-american tabby cat and the iroquoise river rat, known for it's coveted coat with deep pockets perfect for shop-lifting.

There is speculation that due to the unusual construction of it's inner ear it displays a preference for hibernating in theatres hosting MAX VON SYDOW retrospectives. A project is underway by the Swedish Film Institue to utilise this phenomena.

Long thought to be a vegetarian by leading animal conservationists, it was discovered that it feeds on it's own young when the required diet, cold french-fries and cigarette butts, is not plentiful. For this reason there is a growing demand for tabbyrats which are ideal for testing for new strains of nicotine that could go undetected by current FDA standards. Bounty hunters are now a primary source of revenue for local townships hoping to save their arthouse cinemas.

Tabbyrats are often found in the winnebagoes of celbrities who do not have time to empty out their ashtrays. Yule Brenner had 5 of them and if you look closely in the corners of the frames in "The Brothers Karamazov" you will see them scurrying about.

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