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TPCBD's views on travian: I had 500 catapults but got pwned by a three year old.

Travian is a strategy game where about 5000 people (aged from 2 to 50) throw troops at each other (represented by little icons similar pixels). Until they run out, once this occours you spend the time writing your copmlete life history on your bio which no one reads, usually users will bawl on about how they are the destroyers of evil when they are obviously not.

Most people end up with 50 villages by the end of the server (which occours when a mysterious race ruled by animals pops up and declares travian as there own) usually with gay names such as...Pakistan.


There are three races in the game: The Romans, Gauls and Teutons.

The Romans are the best race in the entire game and can usually win against all other people with a scout.

The Gauls are french bastards with mediocre swordsmen.

The teutons are the epic fialures of the game, commonly found t obe used by three year olds and the almighty hamster!


There are swordmsen, cavalry, catapults and little white papa smurfs that sit on a cart propelled by air and find new villages which are perfectly square, once this occours you spend your time building up what you did with your last village!


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