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Grand Theft Auto: The Puerto Rican Guy Who Sees The Wayans
Developer(s) Rockstar and HZ Corp. Games
Release date 2014
Genre Free-Form
Platform(s) PS3, Xbox 360, Windows Vista
Rating M +17

It's the first of the freakin fucked up two episodic expansion packs for the game: GTA: Wayans. It's so cool, you can see the other side of the Wayans Brothers story. I think it has Purto Ricans, Asians, and more. This is a retarded side of the story and it's so cocky, sex can cough and bring AIDS man. This Puerto Rican can climb, jump, drive, motorbike, clean himself, and more. His name is :Fernando Sanchez and he leads a gang of Northern Spanish Harlem men and the bonitas, yo. His cocky side goes more free foam when he goes big like New Jersey.

edit Characters

Fernando Sanchez: The main cocky Puerto Rican man who fucks with women and men. He's bisexual and he wants to be married in a polygamized marriage with a man and woman. His old friend is Henry, his old Cuban friend who fears Cuban extinction.

Black Cesar: Fat man who gotten pissed off for Marlon taking his hot wife and trying to kill him. Fernando pretends to be friends with him to get to the key of the giant cash vault of Mafia money in Jersey City.

Maria Cruz: Hot Puerto Rican woman who has a boyfriend and bangs with her. Fernando kills his crazy boyfriend and becomes his girlfriend and bangs with her later.

T.C.: Black pimp who are friends with Shawn and Marlon Williams. He tries to steal a train full of illegal drugs from Spain and Vietnam.

Hung Choi: Korean Mob's best man, who sides with the Puerto Ricans against the Chinatown triads. He helps Fernando with his bike and drug money if he helps with his Korean mob fight the triads.

David Guzman: Puerto Rican-Cuban man who allies with Fernando to get weapons and kill the Dominicans and their drug labs and he likes gold and blings.

Jimmy Hopkins: The bad guy of GTA: Wayans Stories who needs Fernando to kill Shawn and Marlon's grandma and helps him with killing against the "Wayans Gang" for killing some of his homies.

The Fancy Pants Dude: The Californian blonde surfer wants to go after the waves in the east coast and waves don't appear in NYC.

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