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Grand Theft Auto: Wayans Stories KoreanCity Wars
Koreans have no nuts for this takeover.
Developer(s) Rockstar and HZ Corp. Games
Release date 2019
Genre Free-Form Action
Platform(s) PS3, Xbox 360, Windows Vista 7, and Wii
Rating M +17

Grand Theft Auto Wayans Stories: KoreanCity Wars is another episodic content for fags and features Korean communism and it features more vehicles in this game. This game features how to have better titties sex and crosshairs in this game is improved with new guns. It's the same setting from GTA: Wayans, now featuring Mt. Vernon and Long Island. Fighting stances and moves are improving good and looks good for a close combat.

edit Gameplay

The content features new safehouses with garages and parking spaces. The setting is now expands to be a Tri-State Area. I think it has butt sex, guns, better fighting moves, forests in the west area of the metro area map,you can compete in stadium games, and have better clothing options.

edit Characters

edit Main Characters

Kim Sung Lee: Main character of the game spin-off. He wants to lead a korean mafia called "Korean City Mafia". His father from North Korea, left to the U.S.A. to start his international propaganda of Korean Communism and his mafia to victory and to be strong and good looking for sexy women. He lives in a Korean town district in Manhattan, New York City.

Areum Lee: Protagonist's cousin who wants a man charming and supportive instead of after sexual beauty. She befriends a guy named Orlando. Orlando becomes her boyfriend and dates her very much.

Orlando: The brother of Yesenia from Miami. He wants to lead a good life of liberty and a dream to be into going to the electronics business with Dario Zorrilla. he plans to invest his money to HZ Corps.

Shawn Williams: The Wayans Gang leader in New York City. Kim meets Shawn at a bar discussing about the Korean mob taking coke from the Triads. He thought if his gang gets paid, he's in. He pplans to take down the mob and wants the mob dead. Kims plans to assassinate him and failed his plans to kill him.

Marlon Williams: The stupid brother of Shawn getting sexy women and bangin them up. Marlon goes to the mob to borrow money to pay his gangster loan sharks. He uses the remaining money to get high and the mob plans to kill him.

Angel: The insane gangster from Andre's gang in GTA: Mexico City. In this game, it's a prequel to GTA: Mexico City and he lives his life as a StarBucks coffee cashier who helps the mob with their financial problems and budget cuts. He ends up insane when in a few years later drinks 1 million cups of coffee.

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