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“Eat Beer Nuggets. They're crunchy.”
~ That Guy on beer nuggets
“Why didn't we think of that?”
~ McDonald's Food Chain on Beer Nuggets
“I love beer nuggets. they strengthen your teeth and get you drunk at the same time.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Beer Nuggets
“Look at this Beer. Can you see the nuggets? Neither could we.”
~ Carl's Jr. on Beer Nuggets

Beer Nuggets are a tasty yet crazy spin off of regular chickens in nuggety form, but with stuff other than chicken. THey're usually doused in beer. They were made popular at McMcBobo's Extra Super Nuggety Fast Food Resteraunt

edit History of Beer Nuggets

Did you see that porno they did on HBO?There was some side-boob action.Oh,but what a hairy pussy!What do you mean Johnny,pull the high end out,I'm still getting some static.Thanks,ahem,Testing.I mean TESTEES,TESTEES!

edit The Original Retard

Long before beer nuggets were made popular, They were invented, by some fool in the desert during some war. Soon after the greatest idiot of all time created beer nuggets, the recipe was put up for a patent through what we know as the Incredibly Large and Very Intimidating, yet Abnormally Stupid and Utterly Incompetent American Government. Needless to say, the recipe was lost, the patent was never received, and the fool eventually went on to rule the useless government, which some believe, will lead to the end of the world, in 2193. But nobody cares about that part cause that guy only wanted to blow shit up. Also, they contained no booze or any form of meat, and they tasted like shit. But that didn't surprise anyone, since American food usually tastes like that. But the story doesn't end there. The Part that people actually recognize starts here.

Beer Nuggets will not give you crabs, because they are not made from Aluminum.

fuck.....tits..... ( . )( . )

edit Fascist Turn

On April 24, 18sheur wish I knoo wha' a patent was." ssolini, sensing he could piss away uberillions of dollars this way,quickly mass produced the beer nuggets and sent them to the [[france|Fra result from the high alcohol content in creation, immediately got shitface drunk and passed out. Muat they were saving money, mussolini easily won the comphis[[United Nations|United Nations A32, a man by the name of Benito Mussolini, better know as Il Douche, shortly after he came to power over Italy, simply because he had nothing else re was no tomorrow (if they lost, there was no tomorrow for them), Mussolini mixed his chicken with some German Beer and fed it to set up for the w I nnual Money pissing contest]]. While his competitors were pissing away money like the ench]], German and Russian Empires. with his country on the verge of bankrupcy and the other rullers so shitfaced thventor]] learned that Muossolini had stolen his invention, he had only two things to say: "Time ter fire those Noockyalur weapons!" and "No dog. His dog, as Whn [[George Bush|the original inth the money do wi

edit Beer Nuggets vs. Beer Nuts

Many times, pub crawlers and chain-drinkers have wondered whether Beer Nuggts were better than Beer nuts. The arguments over this controversy have caused many an all-out pub-wide fist brawl, and the verdict is yet to be decided. George Bush has tried to pass a law saying that Beer Nuggets were better than Beer nuts, but stopped when every other country on Earth (except Switzerland) threatened to immediately pass a law sding with Beer nuts.

edit Variations of The Beer Nugget

Over the years, Beer Nugget creators have used different recipies and strategies to create their Beer Nuggets. Some of them are listed here.

  • Real Chicken cooked in a warm Beer Batter
  • Real Chicken doused in Irish whisky
  • More Real Chicken Mixed with authentic Russian Vodka
  • Cow Ass Mixed with the finest champagine that some stuck up asshole could buy
  • Tenderized Pig Testicles doused in cheap beer
  • ground up, post huff chickens smothered in gin
  • more ground up post huff chicken smothere in cheap beer

post huff chicken before being turned into beer nuggets

  • Huffed kittens mixed with Sugar Alchohol
  • a Huffer mixed in his own blood
  • Colonel Sander's toilet treats

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