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I am a frequent and popular writer on Illogicopedia which I know is not exactly popular around here. If you've been on there since like September 2008, you've heard of me. This is my page there. so you can see all of the crap I've done there. I probably won't write anything here because I'll be too afraid it will get deleted. Because my only article I wrote here (which I copied from Illogicopedia where it was written by me) is about an article on this site getting deleted.

I'm still trying to get a feel for this place and when I finally do, I may write some stuff. But Illogicopedia will always be my home.


45px-Illogicopedia.png Un-T3canolis also goes to the Illogicopedia wiki. Ung! Goat! Ung! Goat! Ung!!!
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