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edit George W. Bush's Weekly Presidential Address: Week of January 25th, 2009

edit General Concepts

  • Whole joke is that he's not President anymore and his routine has not changed
  • Doing the entire thing from Dallas, only realizes that at the end of the address
  • Bush is pleased about the way things are going because he does not know how things are going
  • Family and young children are telling him he is doing great

edit Images

  • Bush, of course
  • Perhaps the "Mission Accomplished" sign

edit Other ideas

  • Play him up as a "man of God"?
  • 2 years of collective vacation

edit Sections

  • "My fellow Americans..."
    • Talks about the past election season and how trying it was
    • Thanks America for voting him back into office for another eight years
  • "Many things were said on the campaign trail..."
    • Talks about keeping his campaign promises
    • Discusses Gitmo, how he wants to completely privatize it
    • This will stimulate the economy and create jobs, hiring four million interrogators
  • "To my opponent, Mr. Obama..."
    • Congratulates him for running a good campaign
    • The people have spoken
    • Looks forward to running against him again in 2016
  • "The future looks bright for America..."
    • Peace in the Middle East is attainable
    • This is only possible with a surge of twelve million troops, to be deployed over the next one hundred years in increments
    • Discusses plans for a lengthy vacation to Dallas, during which time Senator Obama will be watching the White House, exercising the gaskets, minding the garden, getting the mail, etc.
  • "Good night, and God bless America."
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