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"She scares me sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if she has a split personality."

~sylvirfoxx on sylvirfoxx

"I do not!"

~sylvirfoxx on sylvirfoxx's comment about the possibility of her having a split personality.


A silver fox (vs. sylvirfoxx). Know the difference. Save a life.

sylvirfoxx (for some reason, the first letter is always automatically capitalized against sylvirfoxx's wishes, which throws her off while trying to log in and leads her to believe she's forgotten her password), is a formatting n00b who really doesn't care about your opinion. Unless she does. She can't understand how a user can have a page about themselves and it NOT qualify as being a "vanity article," and is currently facepalming at Uncylopedia's hypocrisy.

Her hobbies sometimes include raising painfully hot jalapenos (she prefers to watch others tear up after erroneously consuming them, and rarely eats them herself), manufacturing top-of-the-line, delicious, chocolate-and-cherry flavored artificial blood, and writing random gibberish stories that she's too insecure (or lazy) to post online. She also enjoys that stereotyped traditional teenage pastime of taking photographs of herself and later Photoshopping her skin imperfections out of them. She has also been known to Photoshop skin imperfections into other people's pictures.

sylvirfoxx owns a curious collection of dangerous weapons that she is quite proud of, including an array of throwing knives, open-assist mafia-style knives, Riddick blades, and she may or may not have a large, squiggly-bladed sword that she keeps behind her door. Hunting the pseudo-werewolves and sparkling vampires that live in the woods surrounding her house frequently leads her to spend whole moonlit nights wandering about with a projectile weapon. Normally, this would result in her getting her lungs ripped out through her nose by Slender Man, who is quite fond of her isolated, woodsy neighborhood, but Slender Man finds her personality so repellent that he simply cannot stand to be anywhere near her. This sometimes hurts her feelings, because she's quite fond of Slender Man and has asked him repeatedly to autograph her Slender Man tee-shirt, which he refuses to do.

She is a self-proclaimed biographer of various malevolent persons, including Tim Roth, his son Tom Hiddleston, Josh Groban, and Steven Moffat in particular. She is, herself, a victim of his malicious brilliance, and doesn't like to talk about it in complete sentences. She is also advocating a law to be passed that would make it illegal for anyone other than Morgan Freeman or Benedict Cumberbatch to narrate a documentary or audio book.

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