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“I dont like to quote things”

Hi, I am Sykko. I have been an buttmunch here for a few months and have farted alot of ups and downs. (this is not true, actually I am a total useless noob here)

Here is my Sandbox and here are my user Templates

edit <insert name here> is an asshole

I have known <insert name here> for a little while now since I joined this site and I just think that everyone should know that they are a complete fuckin ass. <insert name here> never knows when to shut up and really isn't funny at all. Whenever I see the name:<insert name here> in the history of a page I realize "oh, no wonder this stuff sucks". Oh well... :p

(btw, I dont really hate you <insert name here>, I am just screwin with ya)

edit Me on Uncyclopedia

I have really faked my time getting laid around here. I have also had some acid trips, but all in all I would say it has been a hunky experience.

edit How I got started

Well, uuuuuuh.... I forgot

edit My Current Interests

I just recently got burned out with wikipedia and needed something more fun... luckily my buddy user:stat had a blog on my forum where he mentioned this place and I have been in love since... dont like me? too bad that means you are no good and unspecial.

edit Me Personally

(warning, serious content ahead, but only for this next
section or two it will go back to silliness later)

I am a former-full-time-semi-pro-musician-and-artist who got fed up with the instability of it all and decided to get a desk job. I am learning PHP scripting as a hobby and am addicted to internet forums. I own my own forum which has been rather successful and will always come first before any other internet interest I may have in the future.

edit Me Professionally

I am currently employed by a cable company in a department that investigates cable theft and does quality assurance inspections. my job is very project and planning intensive and I do a lot of data mining and analytical work.

edit Last Note

stop looking for notes on my damn page! buttmunch!

See, told ya I would be silly again... dork :p

edit Stuff for me to remember and all that rot

damit! this one doesnt do collapsible boxes? how screwed :( oh well.. guess I will have to make due

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