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Frankly my dear, I don't give a damm about your pastiche references

~ Baudrillard on Postmodern theory
Big Hairy Marilyn

Theres something about Marilyn...

Postmodernism[1] is a constructed set of theories to provide layabout students cheap half assed material for their exams. Initially there was not theory but for the haphazard attempts at an original thesis by several academics. However over time a collective theory about some place beyond progress was...

Obviously God was a problem, it made whatever you wanted to do with reality a lot easer if you could remove any problems and replace them with a theory, sadly God was a little unwilling to give up the fight and merely integrated himself as a clause in the latest winning theories which happened to work at the time. This is particularly apparent in Calvinism and the protestant ethic where God was able to smite Communism before it was invented. God has often used his ability to ignore time to avoid the problems the future would bring.

However a Man did come who questioned the need of God, and sadly despite the work he put into the firm he founded, existence, the Ubermench laid him off. Crazed nutjob Nazi Nietzsche initiated the end of the Meta narrative and placed time in a wheel under the control of nature.

edit (Post) History of Postmodernism


These childish antics by sexually frustrated German philosopher Nietzsche would one day shape the course of western thought and the curriculums of university courses.

Postmodernism began when factories produced a surplus allowing poor people to claim something more than their labour and slums. Along with a highly increased life expectancy, the possibility of class divisions meant that people could start to envisage a world without boundaries.

Sadly these scumbags started to question all the authorities that had gone before them however in the stalemate that would ensue among both parties continued to hobble on,,,,.

The idea was that if god was removed and having cohesion in time was totally obliterated then the wheels of progress would become futile, along with doing anything, since it had all been done before by people sexier than you.

The problems that the theory encompasses originate in the ./.. From this there was a crisis if identity not just the individual, but also society itself.

edit Lack of empirically verifiable historical nonsense


OH NOES!!! Our very selves are being lost in James subjectivism..,lll

The idea of Postmodernism cannot be verified other than as a manifestation of your laziness and the fact that there is an industrial process to all you activities. What characterises the hopeless consumerism is that no matter your earnings, all the cars you could ever buy will probably be the same, that goes for the fashion items you buy and the golf balls...3

This has led to the theory finding validity precisely in the fact that there are no empirically verifiable points, therefore to avoid a nihilistic breakdown you need to buy some stuff//?

The technological expansion also means that everyone is now interconnected on a Global Scale and from here a situation of identity as the all cultures and higher values mingle into a whole. However this whole is so wide no one can possibly make sense of it all....

edit Ideas

Broadly speaking, a major idea is the idea of mass production, however this is too simplistic, the very idea of doing anything implies some attempt to reverse the course of degradation. The individual is something that must be overcome like in bygone eras, but this should be done in "consumer society" mode.

The idea of earning and saving should also be part of your new goals; productivity will take your mind off things...

edit Capitalism Vs Communism


The protestant ethic allowed for the individual man to overcome his own narrative and embrace the narrative of voyeurism.

Prof. Fuk U Yama was responsible for placing the need of faggoty Jap cars above the needs of progress and communism. The workers were disappointed, however higher incomes meant porches for the treatment of middle age...

The decline of the Communist system meant that not only had the Marxist revolution failed but that all future ones could not take place with as much fun and bloodshed///

edit The future for the movement

There is a plan to have Postmodernism extend to other hypothetical alien cultures in order to continue the infinite regression problem. We need new material or else we'll have to up with a another Gun N' Roses album or worse still a celebrity discovering a legitimate talent

edit Footnotes

  1. ^  Some kind of footnote here

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