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VFS Changes

edit Goðorð system

It's pretty standard for job recruiters to go through several CVs and narrow them down for a recruiter to set about interviewing the candidates. In a new VFS system several users could be mentioned anonymously by a member of the cabal and then a narrowed list of 3 put forward.

Then the community could have their say over 10 days. The advantage would be that the candidates would be limited in their whoring. Another advantage of this model is that the process could be reduced to two weeks as opposed to four weeks = less bureaucracy.

There could only be one admin created. Also the potential for several candidates to be put forward would be abolished since the choice is only between three who would be anonymous until they were actually being voted for. Administrator’s votes count as one vote. In the beginning we could have a veto option for Bureaucrats in case there’s a glitch.

Having one op seriously impedes lobbying types - The ability to create opposing candidates or run offs add greatly to the odds of a shitty candidate being opped (or the hope of doing so).

The third area where a second admin is chosen could be done by lottery or simply working down through the list of Active admins. These admins should not be known to the community until the candidates are put forward.

  • Admins vote to create an Admin (Openly on VFS page)
  • Random Administrator chooses candidates (Nominated in private - most will be able to accomplish this)
  • This Admin and Another thin down the list to three.
  • A Bureaucrat approves the choices - (Option to veto in early trial)
  • These three are then put before community to choose one over 10 daysfirst past the post.
  • Only 1 admin

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