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Men don't need women, they need solidarity. honest, the end of Fight Club was not a cop out. Get me a Starbucks whilst you're out bitch.

Yin yang 600x


Society for Cutting Up Women by Valerie Solanas

edit The egocentric nature of women in their penis envy

  • Need of men to have someone to comment on their asses
  • Penis envy
  • Fallicity of the female orgasm
  • weak

edit The puny need for penis

  • Enslaved to cock or washing machines
  • Oppress men and deprove them of sanity whing and complineding constantly
  • Can nevr remian siletn

edit Shallow and superfical

  • No real personaly or interests except in the prospect of meeting men - and their cocks
  • Beauty as a tool for ensnarting galent and brave men into the horrors of thier minges
  • Minges

edit Lets get rid of these semi-complete men

  • Lets bump off these weaklings and shreks
  • Note - somehow, this should tracend the Scum maniesto which is purely neagtive on both sexes in reality, somehow this shoulc come across as postive...

edit Footnotes

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