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“I've always felt that science was an esstially positivist approach, oh wait, yeah... read more books kids”

Tomorrow, In a Year is a 2010 album by serval operatic, 'experimental' and electronic artists.

edit Production

It becamse claer that for erval of the artist, making an epxerimental opera about Cahrles Darwin was a logicval creative standpoint. It was from there that The Knife were contacted to boost the potial publicity of the production. Karan Andressons "Which House" group were ideal to bolster prodcion values.

From there the musicans were volentarily encarcerted in a Hotel until...

edit Charles Darwin

When I don't know an awswer, I fill the problem up with my imagination. When I am mentally ill, I found a religion based on this.

The focus was Chalres Darwin and his dicovery or eveolotion, a supposedly redundent theory, which children are still being taught in state schools. However in proper religious education evoltion is taught as a theory.

edit Other Concepts

As well as promoting an atheisitic agenda, Tomorrow, In a year also promotes some kind of Nu-Ecoterism whcih cna eb contrued as the right to beocme a hophead and a hippy without the metaphysical bullshit.

edit Critical Reception

Poor generally except in arty corwnd where such music is oftne heralded as being 'postmodern' or worse and even more pretentious "Avant Gaurd"

edit See also

  • Dark Science - A resounding arguement validating Socrates' first hypothisis
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