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This isn't the UN, this isn't Tumbridge Wells, This is fucking Syria!

I will judge articles in a somewhat fair and reasoned fashion here. I will write a brief opinion of why you've failed to write a good article and a rough idea of the poor review score you would have got off me had I the stomach to invest time in a suppurating pustule such as yourself. You pusillanimous scumbag, I'll just like watching you squirm from my insults and the derision you clearly deserve for believing that you'll win.--Sycamore (Talk)

edit The 'Articles'

edit User:John Lydon/squidbillies

Well formatted and generally inoffensive, like most of the top three I would not say there is a massive level of choice between them, I would say on the basis of layout and humour this one just clinches it. Just however, I think the images should be changed and significant steps to tighten is all together should be made.

edit User:DPRS/UnBooks:Murder on a Plane

Nice Cajeky style article, well put together and nice article. Although it’s the most complete, I have reservations about how funny this sort of article is; while some pull it off others just don't quite make it. I liked it, but not quite enough for it to win

edit User:Tereglith42/Utapau

Nice Star Wars parody. Always a risk taking on the new prequel Star Wars material for an article. Slightly parochial with the Alabama stuff, and a tad observational on the films, maybe more about Lucas reference to neo-conservatism would be a good place to parody in the prequels. Good, no major complaints, bit of polish here and there, I bet the author is capable of doing much better with another topic. A very tidy third place

edit Reader's Digest

Badly written lots of name dropping, few good jokes, Usage of paragraphs is something this lacks, not really an article that’s had enough work, needs more work specifically on parody and the whole funny and not just stupid side of things. Not too great, not terrible though, so it occupies fourth.

edit Jingle Belled to Death

Really needs to have been submitted in a way that’s not your userpage, nothing much here, and needs a more work - I have a feeling that even with more work its probably a bit limited in scope.

edit User:Veita/Justin_Bieber

This isn't at any level of completion to be judged, so I'm going to rule it out. I still don't know who he is after repeated attempts by some of my friends to explain him to me

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