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PJ Harvey is one of Devon's most notable exports, outside of scrumpy and ignorant farmers. She is noted for small, but perfectly formed breasts, dating Nick Cave and occasionally producing the kind of music certain overly sentimental women listen too during and after a breakup with a 'complex' male partner. The plethora of complex emotions belies the intrinsic 'Morrissey' naval gazing that Polly has avoided being associated with in the press, but is undoubtedly a proxy to.

Her chief moments of fame included ousting Adele at the Mercury Prize awards in 2011 and demonstrated that the British public would like to see overweight whiners excluded from public life and indeed a wider social contract over a skinny whiner.

Early Life

Born in Bridgeport in Dorset, which for those in the know is just another enclave of Devonshire people Nick Cave's analysis of her early life was centred around himself...

Cave famously sang about Harvey in the Boatman's Call and the song West Country Girl focuses pointedly at the relationship the couple had. Here is a brief sample:

Gonna getta big black cat and gonna get fat
Drinkin' cider and thinking of flashing my rat
well who can ask for more than that
another platinum album and making cash

After releasing several basic rock songs, Harvey became incredibly successful with social retarded women and by proxy effeminate nerdy men. Many postulate that while the heaver rock sound fitted the demographics, others identified the painful narccisim. This reflected well against the aggressive narccsm of much of the 90's pantheon of rock stars, and also the passive aggressive narccism of acts in genres such as electronic and industrial.

Dating Nick Cave

While no solid analysis can really explain the touching romance other than the Henry Lee duet between the cute couple, their relationship was destined to end and provide them with enough material to render their experience something a 90's generic relationship following al la Coutney Love and Kurdt Cobain. The cultural impact has been mixed with time dulling the edge as a more adult cyncism has ensued, with many noting that most women would probably not commit to a character such as Nick Cave.

Hollywood reporter Mhaille D- famously reporting for the national enquirer detailed one passionless sex encounter and cigarette smoking session between the artists An extract

...A desperate Dry hump ensued with neither party removing their clothes, I could clearly see Cave's mullet shaking in a way that must have been more distracting for Harvey than arousing. After this obscene display I saw Cave go to the toilet (presumably to relieve himself by hand) and then leave her LA apartment without saying a word. I was not sure who was more of a pervert, me or this frigid couple.

Notable career success

1991's Dry was a landmark moment between PJ's career between waitress and getting away from the 'wrong men' in her life, to be exchanged with a a crazy spinster lady who periodically had mysterous relationships that no apart from her knows about.

While many speculate that most of her albums are homogeneous in the extreme, others have pointed out that homogeneous is a silly word that has homo in it.


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