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Slajov may have the answar, or perhaps a Byccle repair kit...

When disaster stikes how do you deal with a girl who has devloped the punture which has rupture not just her fabric but also her meaning to you, therefore how do you deal with the puncture? Firstly let us majke claer tyhat no definitve way can be found save a bby a Neo lancin, neo fruedina account of dealing with the matter. We muast stive to dael with the matter accrodingly.

Slavoj Žižek

edit Step one

Furstly we must consider the dialmea that not you but every one you know has been in (tammer) infefeted byt eh evil of the situsyion. it must fall to the indavidual to revel aginst this to fuilfill not his desires but the prsondhood of some Neo Lanian problem. or something like that.

edit Step two


A repair kit like thi can only go so far - sometimes you simply have to replace the cause of the puncture

Can the void of absicene be repalced. (gains a load otorical stacne) i say not! for if we wewer to say we were or something we could noty acchieve a reasounding calim to the proble,m. is it a sex sssiue or a personal gripwe over something you experivced in Chuildhood, i myself cannot say.....

edit Step Three


Sometimes mindless consumarism will be where you will turn: Avoid This

Destrcution of the fanstsy wiotout murder is gettig away clen, you should do that. and get bcak to helping seeve mty daibolic schems by buying some more of my books!

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