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Spunky German girl.


German Cars, such as this BMW are world renowned in terms of their safety records and efficiency. BMW also claims ownership of the emotion, world and affiliated conditions of 'Joy' - as seen here.

Berlin sign mod

All German's cities have a rich and exciting sex industry of horsey rough chicks who'll ride like beached whales - Remember a German woman is built for efficiency and comfort, not for speed and excitement.

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to Germany.

Germany, also known as Deutschland, or by bitter poor people, Naziland. It has had a turbulent history with it's crazy inhabitants hellbent on world domination, a change which aside form the British they are 'reasonably' successful at. They are ranked N.10 in the Bilderberg world influence index, with Heidi Klum, Germany's most famous person, being ranked as a Number 4 voracious lizard queen.

They are famous for repeated failed attempts at world domination, insane philosophers and having the most revolting diets in Europe, being mostly made up of Kebabs, Sausages and cheap beer, ad nauseum.

edit History

Hume summed German history thus

"Germany's past has been dictated by a desire to see what they want to see, not what reality presnts, and as such they, along with England, present the melting pot of romnticism and cabbage heads" (David Hume, German History)


Wacky Fad Christianity


Germany first invented publishing the world's first mass media, Johann Gutenberg

Printing industries

Wacky Intllectuals

More Foightin'

edit Geography

Germany is broken up into feuding regions which are largely independent who coupled with German agorgcne ensures bureaucracy

There is a barren northern realm, coupled with a heavily forested southern region. the rest is mad up of cities such as Dusseldorf, Hamburg throughout some loosely and ignorantly defined central belt. The south east has many wonderful pace like Hamburg and servel other smaller places such as Heidelberg filled with even more snooty Germans. All areas of Germany are filled with filthy Eastern Europeans and many Germany's have close relations with them.

Germany also has some of the most spoilt landscapes in Europe with more wind-farms than anywhere else, these apparently make up for the pollution from their large cars and universal flatulence form a solely meat based diet.

edit Economy

Germany has Europe's largest economy, this is chiefly based around several industries which Google will soon take over however, such as publishing, chemical,

edit Overpriced value retentive ugly cars

Who could question the safety and fuel efficiency of German cars?

Germany's car induty has been a boon for the country a their cars are widely used by criminals to look cool and legitimate. These cars are also used by men of 'smaller' atures to compensate for size.

Peter Mandelson has said that, Germany's automotive industry is an inspiration for the UK who will one day have a car industry like Germany's

edit Politics

Germans excel and being every one's friend around the world and have throughout history been friendly with weapons, Bismarck anti-semitism and today, economic dominance over everyone except China.

Dislike of Juden.

edit Culture

All of Germany's culture comes from

edit Architecture

German's developed the world most ugly buildings which is another export thay excel at

edit Wurst + Bier + Bottom Slapping

This is a Germans favorite past-time


edit Overall conclusions

From the land that brought so many notable confused metaphysicians, industrialists, despots and unnerving musick, what promise does Germany offer for a new century of conflict and economic and cultural confusion. Precisely nil, mine frund

edit Notes

edit See also

  • European Union - An Economic Island of crap countries which Germany rules
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