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I think reasoned people across the political spectrum can agree on one thing with regard to these brats... They are vacuous little shits

~ Roger Scruton on Cynical Postmodern Education graduates
Self study

Will Self, the famous writer, like that book about a chick with a dick, has often commented, "I think the grocery souls of Cyncial Education are tossers".

Cynical Postmodern Education is an educational curriculum of a kind, which tends to use half-baked cultural theory, big words from mumbo jumbo Frenchmen and a 'wise cracking' attitude to justify being lazy.

The end outcome of this education is often less tangible in terms of career benefits unless born from a bespoke background where being a shit pays off - often the poverty of the lower classes is simply accentuated by this controversial educational practice preached in education and by the wider societal collective.

The trend is often identified in bratty teenagers, but it can manifest itself it adulthood. The nub is often that while these children could be capable of doing more in their lives such as helping others less fortunate than themselves - they choose instead a smart sounding set ideas of which they only have half an understanding of to belittle justified dissent and disgust at their god-awful attitude towards life and their fellow human beings.

edit 'Theorizing'


Having a basic grasp of philosophy is essential - however the same strain of jaded medicore cynicism can easily be applied to diametrically opposing areas, such as theology (God Crap) or Dawkin's (Malicious Hegnomic Scientific establishment crap). Here we see a photoshopped image of 19th century philosopher Nietzsche cracking wise like a hip-hop artist. Very imaginative, clearly the work of cynical postmodern education.

Using big amorphous terms that have no real meaning in the context, they seek to parody the joke of 'seriousness' when someone bothers to engage with them. This is usually acquired by reading up or getting education establishments to imbibe a basic set of language and social games and buzz terms that justify the poor attitude of adherents. This often refers to continental philosophy or existentialism, which tends in misinformed minds to assert that they and there Egos are basically "Gods" and alongside this, that a Tattoo may be cool. However because of the informal nature or third party leanings Cynical postmodern education may elicit only a discourse without the linguistic coordinates to justify, only passively protest the wayward and senseless doctrines that have developed around this educational model.

While Bertrand Russell is right to praise idleness, whether the argument that using this free time to dumb down society, communities and/or wallow in non-committal internet trolling is a good one remains to be seen. However with youth unemployment at an all time high, is it time to blame the employer or the employee for being too much of a risk to the harmony of a company? Such a doctrine leans heavily to the Right, however this is a symptom not of an ailing Left, but of an ailing culture that Cynical Postmodern Education could rightly be regarded as being part of. Furthermore the properties of hard work are transferable to be simply being authentic in an existential sense

Often the theorizing comes around to the sphere or personal communication and ethics, and this winds up that metaphorically shitting on each-other for short term gain should be the legitimate goal, with skills such as decent interpersonal skills and some basic values such as the Golden Rule absent from such sociopathic discourses. Often philosophers such as Nietzsche are highlighted to celebrate the high end of subjectivity and moral nihilism. Similarly because the education is based on fear, the overall results can be depressing as the student will eventually waste any talents they may have editing online comedy wikis or worse, may decide to 'find' God or some other spirtual crap which they hope will negate the effects of their cynical lifestyles.

edit The argument

Usually this often revolves around having an abysmal attitude and militantly asserting views which are so obviously wrong and inflict suffering upon others; however if these views were not to be asserted the prospect of taking pride in ones life or anything for that matter would become a inevitable prospect. Indeed Cynical Postmodern Education is degrading and passive aggressive in nature.

In Western culture such individuals tend to be made up various shades, however preferably those of a humanities background can be helpful - a background in Philosophy as a subject can be invaluable as instead of learning how to formulate ideas that benefit others, mean spirited sophistry is a far more lucrative skill that can be applied to several avoidant behaviors and justify arguments which, while inimical to all the parties discussed, ensures our "academic" will be free from anyone bothering to ask them to do anything which they would not find the necessity to bother doing themselves. Of course when they run into difficulties in their lives, one can be certain they'll revert back quicker than a blink to a more socially egalitarian and respectful mode, at least in reference to their cheap selves.

Adjacent to their poor attitude, which is ironic and cool compared to the dissenter, the graduate of this borderline auto-didactic educational model will stray towards consumption and fashionable problems such as drugs as a means of whoring attention. This attention can be negative - however attention of a concerned adult or responsible adult figure just sets off a drama of manufactured rebellion leading to more consumption -whether it be alcohol of clothing, it makes no difference.

edit Unable to engage in good mannered disagreement - fractious and obnoxious at every turn


Freud maintained that the Superego presents us with the unsatisfiable demands of society, however Cynical Postmodern Education subverts this with a "like I care attitude, what's your problem" stance while themselves taking the Superego role, with their expectations being something we should all give a toss about.

Because undermining others is the sole aim whilst being 'Ironic' about their own crap attitude - thus they have a passive stance whist being wholly unable to see the work of others. Usually this comes from narrow life experience, however a more likely root cause in such individuals revolves around parents and their over-subsidizing these children to give them "The best start". However such children who don’t have pushy parents, most likely working class homes that have become considerably more affluent in the course of a generation, are going to be extremely prone to dropping a brat like this into society.

Open disagreement is unlikely amongst graduates unless left with no other option; usually this takes the form of over conscientious agreement while often practicing the contrary. Moreover simply not having any substantial opinion at all is probably the highest level of attainment for this educational model.

In older student this takes the form of sycophancy - this manifest the same learning’s of earlier years in a format that is more broadly speaking acceptable of that age group. While the same trends of cracking wise are present, this character will retreat at the first sign of trouble or excuse themselves from having not only to bother doing something, but also as concealment of shallow convictions and petty strife between themselves and the Big Other which they have latched themselves onto. This can take the form of cultural or religious appropriation, however the doctrine of Cynical Postmodern Education forbids authentic involvement and substitutes for symbolic involvement, which can involve buying more crap and being difficult for genuine people.

edit Future applications

Reasonable "Society" itself finds that such individuals are mostly harmless, however the overall creation of a feeling of hopelessness and embitterment among those aware of the history of respective nations being used as dichotomies in the 'new Education' that venerates tyrants and revolutionaries while sponging money from relatives and pursuing only their own blinkered and ignorant aims.

Of course future academia will no doubt add the pile of Feminism, Existentialism, current affairs and cultural theory which can be understood by the half assed layman scholar, and voiced as an excuse to be fractious and ironically cool while being shallow and woefully ignorant. A major problem is that while cultural theory and criticism has an even more important role than ever, it leftist adherents will by habitually hijacked by this vein of education and shithead characters with nothing to offer in terms of relating to others as people or hanging out in narrow groups with little the bannal effacy which their cynical postmoden educations allows.

edit See also

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