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Happysatan This user is a sinner, and bows before Satan.

au-N This user is a native speaker of 'Straylyan.
— native
ao-G This user does not speak AOLer and furthermore believes AOLer to be an embarrassment to language. This user desires genocide of all speakers of AOLer.
— genocidal
Warn A Brotha This user believes that if you see the Police, you should "Warn A Brotha'".
Canadian snowman This user is cooler than you.
NO This user doesn't care.
Guitar-22px This user plays guitar because it attracts more groupies, and gets more solos than the bass.
\m/ This user is a metalhead, prone to wearing offensive shirts and headbanging to really loud music. Metalheads also have long hair, but are not to be confused with hippies.
bu-E This user killed 13 of his classmates in school speaking Bullet.
Pink Ninja Gang This user is not a ninja because ninjas are gay.
Mario-lo-res This user is a Gamer and therefore creepy.
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