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(this page is about The eternal surfer.comaness website! The author is in a coma at the moment, and will return to work shortly. Thank you for Caring!)
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I am not here to talk about anything really. But if anyone wants to talk, ja, the details are on my page !
damn i hate social networking ...... love it, but hate it also. Really!
So ja, we love all things, and we hate none. that is the eternal surfer way!
so deal with it, because i hate you, all of you, the ones using social networking sites, but i also love you !!! so argue with me ..... if you must .... call me in denial, your words are the ones that i do not believe. EVER.
if you can prove that your words mean anything, then ja. I am not a follower of Jesus. I am a friend of Jesus. We are Super best Friends. And you guys should really watch South Park to know what I mean by that statement. Because the last time I checked Jesus died on a cross somewhere.
I do not believe in the Bible, but I do like the scriptures. The scriptures are the ones that made Jesus and I friends in the first place. The snake in the garden, come on people. We all have snakes somewhere, and if you don't , go to a zoo. Yes, that is what we did to that snake, he is locked away. Unless you go the jungle regions of this planet, or wherever else snakes are likely to be found, you little girls and boys can safely stop dreaming about it now
Shiva put a snake around his neck. God forgot about the snake. Who do you trust? that is right, God forgot about the snake when he told Adam and Eve not to eat the goddamn apple. It is just that for some reason Eve, understood the snake was trying to tempt her, and she was so evil that she told Adam to do the same. Give in to temptation. And here we are, a result of original sin, and look at us! So ja ....
Snakes speak in tongue, so does humans .... try speaking without your tongue present, and we can talk.
So ja, I love writing , reading takes up too much time, but I like to analyse information, so do not mind reviewing even the great authors of this world, so that I can show you dumb uncyclopedia users that what i am saying is correct
so ja, hate and peace to all . Love and peace to all. Judging is judging, whether you are judging a government or an individual or yourself. Judging is a state of mind. Not being. The mind is the one that judges. So thank goodness I have my own mind, which is part of a collective mind. I am not ignorant. I know that I am not the begin all and end all.
I am not that ignorant or vain. Narcissism is an illness, brought about by spending too much time in the mirror. Finding the way is like looking in the mirror, for only when we can experience change for ourself will we be freed from not knowing where the way is. The mirror and the world wide web all comes without a guide, it is just you and the mirror or you and your little computer.
The way is nowhere, the way is the middle way to nirvana. you are stuck in a illusion, even you guys here at uncyclopedia, do not fear ... hahaha ... because The Eternal Surfer is super stuck also. I couldn't even launch the damn page!!! Yet .... that is how ignorant I have been so far. I didn't even do anything about my own ignorance ... the ones who are doing something about it are the ones standing up and taking a stand, and keeping the stance, unshaken by all things.
Nirvana in all things - thank you guys for launching this page! Uncyclopedia in harmony with Wikipedia on the world wide web! The web that is entrapping your little minds.
you think that you think what you know is real .... it is not real. Things have never truly existed ever.
so do i ... but i do not even believe in words ... so whatever ! i believe everything .... i believe that what my eyes can see and perceive as real, that is real. not the concept behind it. the concept behind any great idea, was human. humans are pathetic. they are all stuck in denial ,and little illusions
unless someone can prove it to me. and the only provable thing to me has been love! because love does not discrimate. Love does not judge. Love is Love. Love is a oneness of mind. Either you get this or not. If you don't, fuck off and die. maybe you find love along the way to your next journey. .
i am done travelling, I will be a life-long contributor to Uncyclopedia, unless they delete me off course. but then i will just write again, until what i am saying makes sense to these inglorious basterds.
anyone who started a site like this, is that ... come on .... the PEE AWARDS .... i want in on that !!
yes, because i want to piss on all the information, and go live in the heaven, that is a step away fro mmy computerr !!!!!! hahahaha ..... that step has to be taken without thinking that this stupid page means anything .... so i am taking that step right now !!
thank you guys for being who are !!!
PS - if you actually got to this part of the page - you might want to send me an eamil, really!
I will even save you from looking at - because here is my email address., but you may still visit the page, and use the email address there. I alos have another alias Surfer_770 ..... you can mail me at the eternal surfer also!
okay Bye
surfers of the webs
webs of entanglement will always bind your minds !!! until you see it as being empty, nothing existed there in the first place! guys just like you and i, made the world wide demon of google!
they made it, so do you believe in them, or do you believe in the truth of love!!! 06:53, March 29, 2010 (UTC)[[User:Surfer 770|Surfer 770]] 06:53, March 29, 2010 (UTC) THE ETERNAL SURFER

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