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I'm So Good at writing

You won't believe it! I am a God of Divine Inspiration, descended to Earth, for with my words illuminate those who walk on the path of Humble Receptance, as I am here to humiliate those who wanders in the desert of Vanity and Self Pride. Those who searches the mercies of taste, wits and wisdom Will be lifted to the skyes of , those in badly need of guidance to the steep cliffs of Arrogance and Conciet will get the final push over the egde to Ego Destruction by my words.

And I can write Puns to!

Have a look:

edit Halls of the Fallen


Sonnet the Hedgehog.

Many come to this place in pilgrimage, in fulfillment of a great and dangerous quest, or to just avoid any reference to Euroipods, but all are invited to share the many feasting halls. Wild boar and flowing mead, good company and many fine tales. Wild boar, flowing mead, good company and fine tales not included.

Join us today! Waes Hail!!!

edit Ancient Laws of Uncyclopedia

There are only two rules originally carved into the head of the Oracle at Delphi:

  • Be funny and not just stupid.
  • Be not a dick.

Adherence to these laws will make Uncyclopedialand a better place. Don't forget to come and visit us in Uncyclopedialand.

Caternest You have been cited in Uncyclopedian Bios.
Apparently you are "notable".
Don't ask me why; I think you're lame.

edit I suck So at Graphics

You want believe it. Neither did my school teachers. I am left handed. My first name is Jerk(er). I can't draw a straight line without crushing the pencile. And digital improvements won't bite on me. I never got past MsPaint.

I hate them pictures so much. It's all my parents fault. They didn't encourage me to read pornography. So this is the best I can do. I am sorry. Now go away! Please!


Some Texas Jewboys at work, stealing cattle

View more in my Gallery

edit Did you know...

  • ...that Mhaille is a UKer?
  • ...that he is an administrator and might smite you?
  • ...that he has the best trimmed moustache and goatie in the whole of Uncyclopedia-land?
  • ...that smitings may be reduced by small gifts (money, cake, sex, etc) or kind words here or here.

Mhaille supports the AAN Campaign. He cares. Do you?

British flag This user is a total UKer
and knows how to spell.
(British Uncyclopedians)

Jsbach-bass This user plays bass, because it attracts groupies without the need for excessive rehearsal time.

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