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Garak Tain

Garak and Enabran Tain

“A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, coated in moist papier-mâché.”
~ Doctor Julian Bashir on Elim Garak

Elim Garak, usually referred to, simply, as Garak, was a supporting character on the Cult Television series Deep Babylon 5. He was a multi-talented Cardassian who made his living as a tailor aboard the Space Station during the Federation's subliminal occupation of the planet Bajor.

edit The Mysterious Garak

Garak's first appearance on Deep Babylon 5 was one of mystery and intrigue: Why would a Cardassian stay aboard a space station abandoned by his own people and now in the hands of their enemies unless he was a spy, why would he introduce himself to a strange man in the station's cafeteria and, most of all, why would a supposed tailor wear such dull and dreary suits?

edit Early Life

Garak's father, Enabran Tain, was the head of the Obsidian Order (Cardassia's secret intelligence organisation). Although it is not confirmed during the series, it is strongly suggested that their "housekeeper", Mila, was Garak's mother.

edit Living with the Enemy

edit Julian Bashir

edit Tora Ziyal

edit Death of Ziyal

Garak bashir
Garek Ziyal

Garak and Tora Ziyal

Garak collapses
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