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I make games, UnGames. So, please take a look.

User:SunnyChow/Wikia plus Flash

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  • 超級偽基娘大戰

I don't know how to name this game in English. In Chinese, we call all Uncyclopedia Moe anthropomorphized female character as 偽基娘. However there are too many names in English.

However, as to simplify my speech, let's use the name "Uncyclo-tan" in here.

Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away uncyclopedians internationally had a great discussion about Uncyclo-tan, the mascot of Uncyclopedia. At the present, most of the uncyclopedians forget this idea. Therefore I would like to create a Flash fighting game to wake this idea up.

In the first version, there will be four characters sharing one set of moves. It's hoped that there will be more than 3 stages. As I am not good at programming, please don't care the gameplay too much.

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