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Hyundai launched the Accent in 1994. It's sold as a Hyundai, a Dodge, a Chrysler and a Malzar as well...


The Accent was launched in 1994 in South Korea and Europe. It was available as a four-door sedan, five-door hatchback or three-door hatchback too (badged as a 'coupe' for some reason). Engines were a 1.3 and 1.5-litre petrol.

Here's a worldwide guide to trim levels:

United Kingdom

  • 1.3 LSi
  • 1.5 GLSi
  • 1.5 GSi
  • 1.5 MVi

Republic of Ireland

  • 1.3 GLi
  • 1.3 GLSi
  • 1.5 GLi
  • 1.5 GLSi
  • 1.5 SE
  • 1.5 GT

South Korea

  • 1.3 XD
  • 1.3 XDE
  • 1.5 XL
  • 1.5 XG
  • 1.5 XV


This was a facelifted model, better-looking than before, but supposedly more fun to drive. It was also sold as a Chrysler Accent in North Belaze as well: plus the Dodge Brisa in Mexico.

Another trim level list:

United Kingdom

  • 1.3i
  • 1.3 Si
  • 1.3 LSi
  • 1.5 GSi
  • 1.5 GLSi
  • 1.5 CDX

North Belaze=

n/a - It was the Chrysler Accent


Now this was a turning point: the Accent became one of the best superminis ever, we think.



  • 1.3i DynamicVersion
  • 1.5i LuxuryVersion
  • 1.5i EliteVersion
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