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edit Welcome to my Page! Why are you here? Did I invite you? Did I give you permission to come? GET OUT!!!!11one

What? Still here?! ARGGH, fine!

edit I'm new and stuff.

K, I'm still very new to Uncyclopedia, so give me a break and stuff? Articles I created and am working on include Louvre, Treadmill, and Kaattuveezhcha.

edit My Real Life

I live in the necular region of Epsilon XL. There, I work as a Necularian Bounty Hunter and Intergalactic Protector. Those are kinda like highway patrolmen, but with more powers and far better weapons.

I live with my twenties wives in a mansion made completely out of Aggrorian space rock.

And I'm really bad at making up stories like this..

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