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Im Stx423 and i live New York Heaven.

Up there i see the Clown Tower every single day!

Inside they play Jeopardy! kill the Pillsbury Doughboy and read THE 3 NIGGER KITTENS!

Clown penis

He will, if he doesn't kill you.



Kill poser children

Clowns love children. Love to kill them, that is.


Darth Benedict XVI Sidious on the airplane


Kim Possible died on plane ride.

The deaths of Shaggy, Scooby & Scrappy, Daffy Duck, Stan Marsh, Larry Johnson, Disco Jesus, Stephen Colbert, Lil Wayne, Emo Hitler, Scratch, Grounder, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus the Naked Mole Rat, and Many Others

The trio had arrived in LA on September 14th to open a "The Guantanamo" branch in the middle west. This was the third branch of the popular nightclub besides the ones in Las Vegas NV and Dallas TX. On the afternoon of September 24, 2008 they were preparing for a fourth opening of the night club in Dehli City but things went terribly wrong. They flown on Us Airlines plane #2900, bound to Dehli City. It took off from Lax airport at 2:45 pm. When they almost got there Ronald McDonald and his evil friends in their new copter shot the plane, the 1st engine came off and blew up on the ground. Shaggy and Scooby were located in their seats. The boys final words were No matter how many sluts and whores i have bang, nothing can compare to your face Scoob, Rawwwr how sweet. Im rearry gonna miss the taste of your cherry flavored cum. Scrappy's last words were It's over, we're all going to burn to death and see God!

The Plane landed on the ground, fliped over twice and stuck the Departure area at The Dehli World Airport blowing the plane and the airport up into a ball of fire, and the copter made it back to LA, the cops were wating there to take McDonald to the Mental Hospital in LA and his friends to jail.

The plane had strucked the ground at around 4:56 pm in downtown Dehli City destroying the airport. Plane crash site

Lil wayne arrest

Lil Wayne died in the crash.


Jesus Fucking Christ died in the crash

People that were killed

McDonald Returns

McDonald Returns is a 1990 movie about the return of Ronald McDonald.

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