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Capital Two is a Cape Breton based bank holding company, founded in 2088, specializing in a wide range of financial ventures, from the supplying of terrorists with credit cards to auto-loans and illegal modifications. Capital Two even publically supports such public figures like Antonio Sturgesso, notorious mob-leader, and even the Capital Two Grand Prix!

CEO & Board of Directors

Ahmed-Muhammed Al-kharizid bon Jaden = Founder and CEO of Capital Two.

Credit Cards

Capital Two offers great variety when it comes to credit cards. The following are the most common and popular cards in Capital Two's inventory.

  • Al Queda Terrorist Mastercard: Standard issue credit card; one of the company's most well-known cards. 9.11% APR, based on Iraqi Prime + Variable Margin. Credit limit of up to one million dollars and a $118 annual fee. APR and annual Fee discounts are readily aviable to Al-Queda members.
  • Plutonium Mastercard: One of the company's higher-tiered cards, aimed to "prime" terror suspects with at least three years of terror experience under their belt. It has all the standard benefits of the aforementioned card, and, in addition, members recieve amazing discounts on all forms of weapony, from knives and handguns to rocket launchers and even weapons-grade plutonium!
  • Jihad Terrormiles Mastercard: A high interest rate and an outrageous annual fee is offset by this card's special bonus feature of redeemable air miles with the TerrorMiles Mastercard! For every plane successfully hijacked, you collect one-hundred (100) points, redeemable for increased favor from Allah!

Capital Two Auto-Loans

Another great (and terrifying) feature of Capital Two is their auto-loans division. Known for being of the most infamous sponsors of "Death-Racing", Capital Two finances illegal car modifications, their work most commonly being show-cased in the Capital Two Grand Prix!

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