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edit Tobias Boon

Tobias Boon is Noob Saibot's gay twin brother. While Noob Saibot is the elite gradmaster of The N00bz, Tobias Boon is the exact opposite of Noob Saibot being that his name is spelled backwards, that would make Tobias Boon a gay anal pirate.

Tobias Boon is considered one of the gayest men alive, he is right up there with Drew Pickles and Jack Thompson, they frequently meet eachother at a gay bar called The Pig Pen and analy rape eachother until their asses bleed.

edit History

When They were both in Momma Noob's stomach, Boon frequently tried to rape Noob, but Noob would have no part in that, so they fought, and Mortal Kombat was born. Momma Noob could not take the fighting so at the early pregnancy stage of 6 minutes she was forced to cut the babies out and pull them out through her ass. Noob had so much shit all over him, it would not come off, so he was forced to wear a black suit for the rest of his life. Boon was also covered in shit but he liked it so he didnt even try to get it off. instead he ran to The Pig Pen and there he met Drew Pickles. He still lives there now.

edit Butt Buddys

Tobias Boon has had a massive amount of butt buddys over the years. this list includes but is not limited to: Chuck Norris, Vince Offer, Mr. T, Kerry King, Drew Pickles, Barney The Dinosaur, Noob Saibot (one time while N00b was sleeping, Boon undid his pants and raped him up the ass until n00b woke up, once he woke up he jizzed in Boons face because he was having an erotic dream and Boon penetrating him added to the pleasure, n00bs acid cum melted Boons face, then Boon got horney because the pain on his face got him off so he jizzed back on n00b's face. Noob got super horney then they fucked eachother for 3 days, n00b shit allover Boon's face and their asses were red. after Boon had his way with n00b, he sent him to a therepy class where n00b was brainwashed into going back to being straight), Billy Mayes, Bob Crosby, Peter Griffin, They guy in the power armor on the Fallout 3 cover, Conker The Squirrel, Adam Sandler, Elton John, Your Mom, This Guy, Spokk, GodOfGta3, Ronald McDonald (AKA, The Penis Clown), Digitalph33r, WalrusGuy, Master Chief, Adolf Hitler, Jim Carry, James T Kirk, Michael Myers, Budda, Oprah, Dr. Phill, Frank The Bunny, Heith Ledger, Patrick Swazye, and Quintin Jackson.

edit Death Count

Boon has so far killed 945 people at The Pig Pen all ninehundred and fourty five of them died from massive blood loss through the ass, jizz was found leaking out of their noses and mouths.

--Strook 02:43, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

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