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“Such a shame he's straight!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Worlds Most Sexy Men According to Wilde.
“Pay attention when you talk to me, OKAY?”
~ Tony Montana to Felipe on My father kicked my mothers stomatch when she was pregnant and I have no brothers
“You won't shoot you lazy motherfucker!”
~ John Lennon's on last words to Felipe
“A real Crap Artist, that's for sure!”
~ Philip K. Dick on Essays on Crap Artists
“You swear that thing in the glass was water?”
~ Viktor Yushchenko on a party in Felipes house
“Jesus hates him...and me.”
~ Morrissey on Who put a cock in my mouth?Smiths best hits

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  • I believe that the world would be better if noone ever fuck ugly girls;
  • I believe that the world would be better if p2p were banned;
  • I believe that the world would be better if Cansei de Ser Sexy's taxi fell in a cliff;
  • I believe that a bearded, long-haired dude came 2000 years ago and teach men to love whores;
  • I want to believe;
  • I believe Maddox, from thebestpageintheuniverse, created the world;
  • I once believed;
  • I believe I'm illiterate.

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  • A worse world to live;
  • Oscar Wilde quotes;
  • a lot of stuff I just come by;
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