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edit Now, for something (not)completely different.....

More useful than an underwater oboe.. More powerful than 12 hamster-breath heaters in old British sports cars...

Numbersix This user is not a number, s/he is a free wo/man!
Perhaps the New Number 2 has arrived?

Or am I in the wrong Village?[1]

Coffee sm
This user requires a steady supply of Caffeine.
So hand it over. NOW.
(List of users who NEED caffeine)

A This user is an adult and so doesn't know what fun is.

It's time for the penguin underneath your keyboard to asplode..........

Sense This user promotes the radical idea of having sense.
This page is a work in progress
But let's give it a chance. The author will finish it later.
Health Warning: Putting this template on a page consisting of a few lines or worse will not save you and may actually get you banned.
This page will be re-checked on 26 August 2008
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