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This notice has been made horrible-on-the-eye for good reason.


I'm a self-admitted inexperienced noob randomly doing stuff on Uncyclopedia.

  • Sometimes I'll edit spelling, I'm picky like that. That said, I also make ridcculous spelling errors sometimes, so it's by no means out of arrogance.
  • Other times I'll write one sentence that i feel adds humour[1] to something, or add a picture. Or something.
  • Other times I'll reword something I feel is a complete mess.
  • Sometimes if I have the time I'll write an article from scratch. I don't have a lot of time though so this will not happen often.

Please don't hate me for anything I do on here. Please politely inform me of the error in my ways and I'll do my best to oblige. If I have done something "wrong" or upset someone, i probably didn't mean it, or if I've just generally acted too noobish, just let me know, and politely please. I don't have any hassles with anyone in real life and I don't plan to start having any on the net either.

Articles I've started from scratch and have written the majority (as far as I'm aware[2])

Articles I've contributed more than a sentence to (Or cleaned up a fair bit of a mess)


  1. Yes, that's right, I'm Australian, so I also spell "strangely"[3] sometimes....
  2. I guess it's possible it's been edited heavily since I last checked
3. ↑ It's not strange, you Americans are just lazy...

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