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[ CLICK HERE] [[file:Linus point.png|100px]][[file:Sheep_NZ.jpg|300px|right]] I've moved to the [ other uncyclopedia] site, nothing against any of you all here, but the guys that moved to have been pretty good to me, so I follow like a sheep.
{| align="right" style="background: lime; border: 2px outset #700; padding:10px;margin-bottom: 3px; width: auto;color:yellow;"
| This notice has been made horrible-on-the-eye for good reason.
I'm a self-admitted inexperienced [[noob]] randomly doing stuff on [[Uncyclopedia]].
* Sometimes I'll edit spelling, I'm picky like that. That said, I also make [[irony|ridcculous]] spelling errors sometimes, so it's by no means out of arrogance.
* Other times I'll write one sentence that i feel adds humour<ref>Yes, that's right, I'm Australian, so I also spell "strangely"<sup>[3]</sup> sometimes....</ref> to something, or add a picture. Or something.
* Other times I'll reword something I feel is a complete mess.
* Sometimes if I have the time I'll write an article from scratch. I don't have a lot of time though so this will not happen often.
Please don't hate me for anything I do on here. Please '''politely inform me of the error in my ways''' and I'll do my best to oblige. If I have done something "wrong" or upset someone, i probably didn't mean it, or if I've just generally acted too noobish, just let me know, and politely please. I don't have any hassles with anyone in real life and I don't plan to start having any on the net either.
===Articles I've started from scratch and have written the majority (as far as I'm aware<ref> I guess it's possible it's been edited heavily since I last checked</ref>)===
* [[Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport]] - An Article about the popular song by Rolf Harris
* [[Imagine (song)]] - A commentary on the popular song by John Lennon
* [[Tea-leaf reading]] - An article about reading to tea leaves.
* [[UnTunes:I will survive (Jurassic Park)]] - A Jurassic parody of "I will survive" by Aretha Franklin.
=== Articles I've contributed more than a sentence to (Or cleaned up a fair bit of a mess)===
* [[Jupiter#The_People_of_Jupiter|Jupiter (The People of Jupiter)]] - Cleaned up a fair bit (it was quite the mess).
* [[Swiss_cheese#The_Swiss_Cheese_Paradox|Swiss cheese (The Swiss Cheese Paradox)]] - Added photo and paragraph
* [[Gympie]] - added a paragraph about James Nash and also some other little bits and pieces here and there.
:<small>3. ↑ It's not strange, you Americans are just lazy...</small>

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CLICK HERE Linus point
Sheep NZ
I've moved to the other uncyclopedia site, nothing against any of you all here, but the guys that moved to have been pretty good to me, so I follow like a sheep.
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