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~ A piece of cheese on StickManEwokIAm
~ A Grue on StickManEwokIAm
“Kill! Kill! KILL!!!”
~ A Wallet on StickManEwokIAm
“Aren't you the one who called me a "pooper scooper"?”
~ Samuel Pepys on StickManEwokIAm
“Actually, we all called you that. It's how your name's said.”
~ StickManEwokIAm on Samuel Pepys
“This page has too many quotes.”
~ StickManEwokIAm on StickManEwokIAm

Don't block me if I try to contribute. All said.

So um, what to do now? What do to?


He came to a town.

Come to SAVE

The princess Zelda.

Gannon oh, forget it.

Somebody give me a better sense of humor!

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